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Welcome to Gary Hopkins Associates, where it is our mission to be different and to leave a positive and lasting imprint on the cultural DNA of any organization and individual that we work with.

Like every thumbprint, we are unique...

Who We Are

"it is important to us, that clients enjoy the whole process of our partnership project"

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Founding Director, Gary Hopkins, is an astute, engaging, charismatic leader who is able to effectively articulate the vision and aspirations of an organisation and who is able galvanise teams to deliver upon such shared objectives.

An NLP practitioner, passionate about the development of the people within organisations, with an inherent desire to train, coach and mentor individuals to assist all stakeholders in reaching levels of performance that exceed original expectations.
With over 20 years medical device experience, including 10 years at Board level, Gary has an extensive knowledge of both the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors (as well as International experience) with a drive to deliver outstanding results on any project undertaken.

A highly developed ability to inspire teams and individuals alike through a challenging, innovative, adaptable approach with the commercial capability and integrity to ensure a long term legacy.

Our Values

"we commit that our values will be your experience, each and every interaction"

People  it is the people within who define an organization, and who already have the answers


it is the people within who define an organization, and who already have most of the answers
Passion  energy, drive and belief are the catalysts for inspiration, which in turn drives change


energy, drive and belief are the catalysts for inspiration, which in turn drives change

Purpose  the entire partnership engagement will be fully aligned with the outcomes you desire


the entire partnership engagement will be fully aligned with the outcomes you desire
Our task is to question, challenge and stimulate when working with individuals and teams to facilitate the client becoming "the difference, that makes the difference"

We will leave behind an imprint, and provide the skills for this imprint to become a true legacy, to positively effect the cultural DNA of individuals and organisations.

You, our client partner, are our sole focus and we will only ever give impartial, independent advise.

From us you will always experience clarity, commitment and the courage to provide an honest assessment. We will always do what we say we will do, with integrity

Our Services

  • "facilitating change, realizing the answers invariably lie within and assisting delivery of your vision and aspirations"

    Our consulting and facilitation services help leaders and their teams deliver, and often exceed, the aspirations that you have for your organization.

    Initially, we will always invest a significant amount of our time to ensure that we fully understand your current 'real' situation and where you wish to be.

    You will only ever receive an honest, independent appraisal of any lack of synergy between your existing human capital and organizational communication and your defined business strategy.

    As a trusted advisor to management, utilising our global and board-level corporate experience, we would then assist you in developing the three hardest areas of business: Leadership, Inspiring Change and Driving Sales Growth.

    By combining consulting, facilitation and training pedigrees we are able to focus on the critical result areas required to build value over the short, medium and the long term – financial, cultural, operational, team engagement, individual motivation, sales and customer satisfaction.

    If you are seeking to grow and expand your sales productivity and your revenue base, want to halt a slide in top-line performance, or require higher levels of customer service then we have the expertise to help.

  • "assisting leaders to do the right things, whilst trusted managers do things right"

    Amongst all of the barrage of information, ideas, feedback and advise that leadership teams 'benefit' from, we believe the single most important tool, or reference point is to have agreed values, or a guiding 'compass', that enables these teams to prioritise and align their leadership activity in a way that gives them the very best possible chance of achieving their goals.

    Exceptional leaders connect, compel, inspire, coach and persuade individuals and teams to deliver exceptional results that create enduring value – through good times and bad. They do this whilst being true to themselves and promoting and protecting their organisation, its culture and its brand.

    To help support exceptional leadership outcomes, we provide:

    1. Vision Definition
    We support leaders at each step of the process, from the initial establishment of their vision, assisting the development of a clear organizational message and the creation of a culture of accountability. Thus putting leaders in the best possible position to achieve their targeted results.

    2. Leadership Development & Coaching
    We provide a broad range of coaching and training services, tailored on an individual basis, designed specifically to support leaders deal with many of the more common opportunities and challenges that occur in their role, including:

    • Leadership Communication:
       Ensuring effective and authentic    communication for internal and external    stakeholders
       Issues and crisis management
       High-stakes event preparation (including Key    Note address, AGMs, media interviews, media    conferences and personal appearances).

    • Team:
       Dysfunctional teams
       Team energy and engagement levels
       Retaining and developing top talent.

    • Culture:
       Developing high performance culture
       Mental toughness
  • "ensuring complete alignment from the leadership vision, through marketing strategy and salesperson communication, to the customer experience"

    We can assist you in putting into place systems and behaviours that align the sales strategy and culture to your corporate aspirations, thus preventing a disconnect between any of these crucial phases.

    In consultation with you, we will design a bespoke programme to ensure that the vision message is delivered to the customer, undiluted.


    This may involve:

    • • Diagnostic review to provide a current situation sense check
    • • Leadership training and coaching
    • • Communication styles and effectiveness
    • • Sales Team training, both ability (skill) and attitudinal (will)
    • • Generation of bespoke Personal Development Programmes
    • • Talent retention strategies
  • “from concept to delivery, providing tangible, sustainable sales results”

    With a wealth of experience, in designing, sourcing, launching and successfully selling new products, in the UK and Internationally, we are able to support your organization with any, or all, of the crucial functions of:

    • • Product sourcing
    • • Regulatory implications and support
    • • Generation of a bespoke strategic marketing plan
    • • Route to market assessment
    • • Distribution channels
    • • Sales Team training
    • • Recruitment, incentives and re-numeration suggestions
    • • Personal Key Account introductions
    • • International opportunities and considerations
  • "using an innovative approach to enhance the supplier / purchaser partnership"

    With procurement departments tasked with delivering savings on a scale never before expected or undertaken, at a time when resources are stretched to unparalleled levels, we are able to provide a unique level of support to assist with the delivery of your ambitious targets.

    Our no nonsense approach, from a position of ‘insider’ knowledge, get’s significant results, quickly, enabling you to deliver austerity stimulated changes without any compromise in quality.


    Our support provision includes:

    • • Interim Project Management
    • • Coaching & Training
      •   - Understanding the salesperson
      •   - Insights into Sales & Marketing organisations
      •   - Identifying best value opportunities
      •   - Negotiation strategies
      •   - Tools to enhance partnerships with suppliers
      •   - Supplier engagement techniques
    • • Benchmarking
    • • Pricing transparency
    • • Product Rationalisation / Optimisation
    • • Contract Implementation



I have been fortunate throughout my career to work with a number of exceptional individuals and organisations. I have also learned, sometimes the hard way, where my strengths lay, and where they do not.

Part of our philosophy is to offer a comprehensive range of services that may be tailored to our client's exact requirements.

As well as 'in-house' expertise, we also work with personally recommended associate partners who are experts in their field, including:


• across all functions and positions
• contract sales teams


• on-line Tendering
• contract Management
• benchmarking

Marketing Collateral

• design & print
• product photography
• product animation
• corporate identity
• social media management
• website
• promotional items

Exhibition Stand

• design, build & installation
• event management


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